A La Carte

Paintless Dent Removal

Starting at $150

We have the ability to remove small dents and dings without the need for repainting or replacing the damaged body panel. Through the process of paintless dent removal specialty tools are used to work the panel in order to restore it to its former glory. Generally, each case is a little bit different depending on the location or size of a dent or ding. Contact us for a PDR consultation today! Get rid of those irritating dings or dents.

Wheel Repair & Refinishing

Starting at $150/Wheel

No matter if it's curbed, bent, or you're looking for a new look we can provide wheel restoration and refinishing solutions for you! We can replicate factory finishes and have a huge variety of options for aftermarket colors. Contact us to learn more!



A set of BBS RS after a polish and rebuild.

Wheel and Metal Polishing - $90/hr - Bring your wheel lips or metal accent pieces up to a high gloss shine. 

Multi-Piece Wheel Assembly - $90/hr - Motor-sport wheels can be difficult to assemble without leaks and is a very precise and time consuming process. Let us assemble your wheels whether it be for a show car or a track monster for consistent results every time.

Badge Removal - $90/hr - Remove emblems and other trim from your car to create a simpler, cleaner look. Includes paint correction to remove any sign there were badges to begin with!

Waterspot Removal - $90/hr - Using various safe chemical or abrasive techniques, waterspots are removed from painted and glass surfaces to prevent future damage from harmful minerals left behind.

Wheel Sealant- $45 per set (add on for Hand Wash service) - A hydrophobic silica sealant is applied to the wheels while on the car. The sealant is highly durable against heat cycling and brake dust compared to traditional wax or sealant.

Non-CQuartz Glass Treatment - $75+ - To improve clarity and hydrophobicity, glass surfaces are cleaned, treated with clay bar and polished to remove light imperfections and improve clarity. They are then treated with a hydrophobic coating to resist water and maintain clarity during inclement weather conditions. This a la carte item has a life span of up to 1 year.

Excess Filth - $90/hr - In extreme cases of tar, sap, mud, overspray, stains or other exterior contamination, an additional charge will be incurred for the extra time it takes to remove the filth. You will be notified prior to starting the service if your car falls into this category.

Headlight Restoration - Starting at $75/lens - Using a variety of dry and wet sanding techniques, and multiple polishing steps, lenses are restored to optimal clarity. A UV coating for polycarbonate lenses is re-applied to protect the lenses and guarantee against future fading, yellowing, hazing and other damage.

Engine Bay Cleaning - $45 + Hand Wash - Using a variety of degreasers, brushes, steam, and 185* heated pressurized water the engine bay will be cleaned of dirt, debris, salt and grease. A hydrophobic sealant is then applied to protect against future soiling.

Undercarriage Cleaning - $200+ - Similar to our Engine Bay Cleaning, various degreasers, brushes, steam and 185* pressure heated water are used to clean the undercarriage free of dirt, debris, salt and grease. The underbody panels will then be treated with a hydrophobic sealant to prevent future soiling.

Convertible Top Deep Cleaning  - $90+ - The vinyl or fabric top is thoroughly cleaned with various soft brushes, cleaners and rinsed thoroughly with water to remove old dirt, oils and debris. 


Leather Rejuvenation - $150 per pair - Leather is restored to a soft and resilient condition using the best leather care and restoration products on the market to feed and nourish old, worn-out leather back to health. A two-step system is used to replace essential oils to the leather, forcing dirt and toxins out of the leather. The leather surface is then cleaned thoroughly to remove the dirt and excess oils, leaving the leather rejuvenated and like-new.

Fabric Protectant - $125+ - A fabric protectant that delivers an invisible shield that repels water and stains while extending the life of fibers and increasing durability and life expectancy. It keeps your vehicle protected from the elements by fusing with fibers, deflecting oil and water-based liquids, bacteria and odors. Length of durability depends on the product chosen, so be sure to ask which fabric protectant will best suit your needs. 

Steam Cleaning - $90/hr - Using 298* pressurized steam, interior surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected. Steam cleaning is unique in its ability to safely clean leather, vinyl, upholstery, velour and suede. Steam is ideal in situations where not saturating the material with water is desired. Perfect for vintage vehicles and interior cleaning where a quick return is necessary.

Spot Cleaning - $25+ - Perfect for cleaning up a small spill, confined area of dirt or staining in leather or fabric. One area of spot cleaning is included in the Vac n’ Wipe price.

Mold Removal - Quote Individually - In the event of mold contamination in a vehicle cabin, it’s often necessary to remove many interior components to thoroughly clean and disinfect the materials. Mold removal is available but an individual quote is necessary for each case.

Excess Filth - $90/hr - In the case of pet hair removal, excessive staining or other excessive interior filth, an additional charge will be incurred for the extra time it takes to remove. You will be notified prior to starting the service if your car falls into this category.


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