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S63 AMG & CQuartz Finest

The S-class has long been a representation of the latest the technology the market has to offer, introducing features that eventually trickle down into every day vehicles as the pace of innovation brings them into wider adoption. On the other hand, AMG has been creating absolutely insane machines that push the limits of performance possibilites. We were thrilled to take care of this example, and the owner pulled no punches in getting it setup for its life with him via a very extensive CQuartz Finest service

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Cayman GTS - CQuartz Finest & SunTek Films

We have a deep appreciation for automotive design, and any opportunity we can get to indulge we are happy to take! This 981 Cayman GTS was no exception. Porsche created a curvaceous masterpiece, with each panel possessing truly tantalizing lines that flow together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. At Arete we are unabashed Porsche fans but this is one of the more beautiful modern pieces by a brand that has historically made some incredibly striking machines. When the owner of this particular Guards Red example contacted us for a very extensive protection and preservation service we were thrilled to take on the challenge!

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Arete @ The SEMA Show 2016: Part 3

As we say our final farewells to SEMA 2016, we present the last part of our event coverage! This year we saw so many insane machines, amazing paint surfaces, met new friends, laughed with old ones, and learned a lot while we were at it. We hope you've enjoyed our visual journey as much as we have sharing it with you.

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Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 & CQuartz Finest

The latest (F80) BMW M3 is truly an impressive machine. From its aggressive styling to powerful, twin-turbo drive train we never get tired of working with them. This particular example came in Yas Marina Blue which is an absolutely spectacular color; featuring pearl and heavy flake over a cool pastel blue.

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C7 Corvette & CQuartz UK

We see a lot of exciting machines come through our doors. Some stand out more than others, and this C7 Corvette certainly was one of them! Not only is the current generation Corvette absolutely stunning, this color scheme stole our hearts. GM really has created a masterpiece with this vehicle from the deep, glossy white paint surface to the sparkling black trim accents we were ready to dig in.

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Ferrari FF & CQuartz Finest

Here at the shop we all have different taste in what we enjoy most in terms of automobiles. From French classics to Japanese metal we all have our niche but there is one thing we can all agree on, the Ferrari FF is a truly impressive vehicle. It breaks with what some may see as a "traditional" Ferrari with its front engine, all-wheel drive layout (the first production four-wheel drive model for Ferrari) and goes even further with its gorgeous grand touring design by Pininfarina in collaboration with the Ferrari Style Centre. With elegant lines and a stunning, rich interior it very much so is a sight to behold. When we were tasked with giving this Nero 2012 model a renewed, rejuvenated appearance, along with some serious protection to keep it that way, we were thrilled to begin.

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Audi S6: CQuartz Finest, Leather, & Fabric

The Audi S6 is truly an amazing automobile. With the most recent update, the C7 platform is powered by a 4-liter V8 engine force fed by two turbos in a "hot-v" configuration. Not only is it powerful but its unassuming exterior gives way to a truly luxurious cabin covered in leather. This particular example has been improved by the additions from Roc-Euro that include a complete Milltek exhaust system, an APR tune that truly brings the vehicle to the next level, and more! Naturally, we were excited when the owner came to us seeking robust interior and exterior protection to help protect his investment from the wear and tear of everyday life. 

This vehicle is intended to be a daily driver, subjected to all that the elements can throw at it, so our natural choice was our Level 1 Cquartz Finest package for the exterior, including a single step paint correction, along with our Level 3 Cquartz Leather and Fabric package which offers total protection for the interior.

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Audi S3 & CQuartz Finest: A Service Highlight

It's been quite the year and we are continually impressed with what CarPro's CQuartz suite of products has to offer with each passing month. This particular S3 came off the truck into the hands of one of our owners who knew that the only product for his new Audi was CQuartz Finest coupled with CQuartz leather to protect the very special diamond stitched Recaro seats its sporting from the factory. Here we share with you the stunning finished results!

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