The Arete Concours Detail

Starting at $1199

Here at Areté Auto Salon we take detailing seriously. To us auto detail isn't just a job, it's a passion, and that passion comes through in the second-to-none craftsmanship we put into our work. We constantly strive to bring bespoke, concours quality service to our clientele and through the Arete Detail we provide nothing but the best. This service is designed as a concours quality, wheels off detail with no time limits and no surface left untouched. The ultimate goal for any car undergoing this kind of intensive treatment is preservation. Our standard services focus on that concept in a serious way but the Arete Detail puts it front and center.

The process begins with a consultation with our head detailer to determine your needs whether it be for a concours d'elegance event or a car that requires the most thorough care possible. During the consultation our detailer will work to determine your needs as well as get to know the vehicle history, vehicle specific needs and ultimate goal for your Areté Detail.  We know that different cars require different care, and we want to ensure that your vehicle receives exactly what it needs at the highest possible level of quality, regardless of age or condition. This is really designed to be a comprehensive service and common elements of care chosen by our clients are listed below. If you see something you want or need that isn't listed below don't hesitate to ask. We will work for you to assure every need for you and your vehicle is met.  

The Areté Detail can include any or all of the following:

  • Total Surface Decontamination
  • One of Our Industry Leading Coatings
  • Paint Correction and Paint Jeweling
  • Leather and Vinyl Protection and Cleaning
  • Wheels Off Detailing
    • Polishing and Coating of Wheel Faces and Barrels
    • Polishing and Coating of Calipers
  • Door Jamb Polishing and Coating
  • Polishing or Refinishing of All Metal Surfaces
  • Complete Interior Detailing
  • Steam Treating of Surfaces
  • Trim Restoration
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Glass Polishing and Correction
  • Complete Engine Bay Detailing
  • Complete Undercarriage Cleaning

Reach out to us today to chat with our head detailer and schedule a consultation. We are happy to devote as much time as necessary to ensuring your car is provided with uncompromising quality and your needs are met. 

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