Wash Club

Arete is not only a place to bring your car when you want a perfect shine, we also provide regular monthly maintenance services to many of our customers so their vehicles are always at their best. We offer a variety of different ways to package our services depending on your needs for regular detailing. Whether you require service monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, we will work to determine how best to care for your vehicle based around its use and your lifestyle.


New Car Prep

Recommended for recently purchased vehicles, or cars waiting to be delivered from the dealership. Often times new cars are delivered looking less than their best. Scratches, iron contamination and other paint defects can occur when shipping, during improper washes at the dealer detail shop and while sitting on the dealer lot. Start your new ownership off on the right foot by having Arete Auto Salon prepare your investment to look its best.


Concours Detail

The process begins with a consultation with our head detailer to determine your needs whether it be for a concours d'elegance event or a car that requires the most thorough care possible. During the consultation our detailer will work to determine your needs as well as get to know the vehicle history, vehicle specific needs and ultimate goal for your Areté Detail. We know that different cars require different care, and we want to ensure that your vehicle receives exactly what it needs at the highest possible level of quality, regardless of age or condition. This is really designed to be a comprehensive service and common elements of care chosen by our clients are listed below. If you see something you want or need that isn't listed below don't hesitate to ask.


Paintless Dent Removal

We have the ability to remove small dents and dings without the need for repainting or replacing the damaged body panel. Through the process of paintless dent removal specialty tools are used to work the panel in order to restore it to its former glory. Generally, each case is a little bit different depending on the location or size of a dent or ding. Contact us for a PDR consultation today! Get rid of those irritating dings or dents.