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Starting at $55 per month

Arete is not only a place to bring your car when you want a perfect shine, we also provide regular monthly maintenance services to many of our customers so their vehicles are always at their best. We offer a variety of different ways to package our services depending on your needs for regular detailing. Whether you require service monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly, we will work to determine how best to care for your vehicle based around its use and your lifestyle. If your weekend cruising classic needs a once-a-month wash, we have you covered! If your daily driven workhorse needs a bi-weekly wash and monthly interior service, we can do that too. Contact us so we can help you build exactly what you need. As always, our bespoke approach to work will make sure we design a maintenance program to suite you. Discounts are deeper the more frequent we care for you vehicle! We take auto detailing seriously. Never settle.

If you are a first time client we require a Protective Exterior Detail at minimum prior to the beginning of your club memebership.

Common Packaged Services:

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