Who We are

a·re·te [ahr-eh-tey] 
the aggregate of qualities such as valor and virtue, making up good character.
Origin: Greek

What Drives Us

Areté Auto Salon is founded on the principles of excellence and quality and was established to raise the standard of professional auto detailing in Rochester, New York and Western New York as a whole. Since 2013, our mission has been to provide the highest quality auto detailing services using top-of-the-line products. Through the use of modern technology, proven processes, and knowledge backed by experience, we offer the best professional auto detailing and reconditioning service available in western New York with preservation as our #1 priority. As part of our focus on preservation and protection we also work to perfect the art of paint protection film. We will never compromise on quality and seek to always give our customers the best in auto care. At Arete we work to give each and every person who walks through our door a personalized experience in order to cater to the needs of our clients and their autos for years to come. No detailer or detail shop in the area can provide such consistent quality whether it be a hand car wash or a bespoke detail tailored to you.

We are owner-operated and employee-owned so you know that every single person from the reception of your vehicle until the job is done is genuinely invested in making the customer experience as pleasurable as it can be. Every project is treated with the same level of care and appreciation no matter if it is a daily driven workhorse, or a concours winning classic. We are detailers through passion, we love what we do, and love to provide our customers with the level of dedication their automobile deserves. Quality is something we take very seriously. 

CarPro + CQuartz

We choose to install CQuartz ceramic coatings and carry CarPro maintenance detailing products on our shelves because the CQuartz network consists of dedicated professionals working to elevate the standard the auto detailing industry holds itself to every single day. After years of testing we know that CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve coatings offer the industry’s best protection while providing superior aesthetics and ease of maintenance. CarPro’s world-class line of detailing products are a huge part of every single service we do and we are happy to be Rochester’s CarPro source.

Commitment to Service and Continued Development

Areté is also one of the few IDA members in Rochester and the surrounding area. Our commitment to our craft serves to provide you with the best possible service. Our passionate staff is trained on CQuartz coating systems more than any other shop in the region and their skills with paint correction have been honed through years of experience and professional training.

Service is also something that we are committed to in our everyday activities. We offer valet services, shuttle services, car and care storage for business trips, and many other tailored services that are all performed with the goal to deliver a unique, satisfying experience every time.

We work out of a large shop at 160 South Union Street in Rochester, NY and can accommodate as many cars as needed. As a reflection of all of us here at the shop we keep a very relaxed environment and offer a customer seating area stocked with complimentary drinks and ample reading material while we take care of your automobile. We also carry the complete CarPro product line on the shelf for those enthusiast detailers who seek only the best in automotive care products. In addition to providing the best in maintenance products for your vehicle we are also proud to be Rochester's and WNY's exclusive CQuartz Finest Reserve installers.  Come in and see us today for your auto detailing and auto reconditioning needs. 


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