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Recommended for recently purchased vehicles, or cars waiting to be delivered from the dealership. Often times new cars are delivered looking less than their best. Scratches, iron contamination and other paint defects can occur when shipping, during improper washes at the dealer detail shop and while sitting on the dealer lot. Start your new ownership off on the right foot by having Arete Auto Salon prepare your investment to look its best. Check out a full write-up on our process along with an example of a coating application here

Our new car prep detail takes a bespoke approach to car care. Just reach out to us either directly after receiving your vehicle or before delivery and we will work with you to figure out exactly what your car needs to stay protected and looking new for many, many years to come. Generally our new car prep customers elect to go with one of our world-class, hand selected coating options (CQuartz UK, CQuartz Professional, or CQuartz Finest Reserve). We also offer long term vinyl, fabric, and leather protection options as well as other interior cleaning and protection solutions by CQuartz. Protecting your high-traffic interior surfaces is critical not only to easy clean up, but to the long term durability and appearance of your interior.

We also offer clear bra/paint protection film and window tint by Suntek Films. Paint protection film is a wonderful addition to any new vehicle as it is the ultimate in protection against debris, sand blasting, rock chipping, and other threats to your finish. The films themselves have come a long way and now carry a warranty that protects against yellowing and other issues for years! Combining them with a semi-permanent coating represents the pinnacle of automotive protection.

We are looking forward to protecting your investment and starting the life of your vehicle off on the right foot!

(This package is only eligible to vehicles with less than 1000 miles on the odometer at the time of service.)

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