Ferrari FF, Paint Correction & Coating

Here at the shop we constantly strive to bring western New York the absolute best in coating technology. Coatings create a hard, glass-like layer on the clear coat of the vehicle. This thick layer may be composed of a number of nano-tech solids which are cured by ambient air, or infrared lamps to ensure the hardest, most durable finshed product. Coatings act as impenetrable barriers, protecting paint from all adverse affects the environment can throw its way. 

Coatings are incredibly high-gloss and long-lasting protection systems and we are so happy to be able to have such a gorgeous car to demonstrate their beauty. The Ferrari FF is absolutely unique in the history of the manufacturer. It's a front engine, all-wheel drive monster with unique styling and serious presence. Many people ask, "What IS that car?!" when they see one on the street because it really isn't your typical Ferrari. Ferrari's formula is traditionally mid or rear engine placement along with rear wheel drive so the FF truly breaks the mold.

When this FF came to us, it was quite dirty and was seeing regular daily driving. As western New Yorkers know, our road conditions and unpredictable weather can really take their toll on a regularly driven car and this was no exception. The photos below show the general condition of the vehicle before our service. 

We began our service with a complete cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces of the vehicle including wheel wells. This detail also included a complete wheels-off detail to assure no damage was done to the delicate carbon-ceramic brake rotors. The wheels and calipers were also protected for the long haul with a wheel coating for maintenance made easy! Below you see a collection of images taken during our wash and decontamination process prior to paint correction. 

Taken during our extensive wash and decontamination prior to paint correction.



Prior to coating the caliper really showed the true depth of the paint. 

After the wash and decontamination steps were finished it was time to begin the extensive paint correction process, assuring the maximum amount of defects are removed.  Below you will gain some insight into our correction prep for coating on the paint and even the wheels of this FF. The following photo series shows that rare, exotic vehicles can especially benefit from extensive levels of care and attention.

There was some serious scratching and marring on the clear coat of the wheels. 

Although carbon-ceramic rotors and pads don't dust as much as traditional brake configurations there was still significant contamination on these wheels.

After correction, clarity was restored. 

After decontamination these barrels are shining and clean enough to eat off of.

Even a Ferrari can leave the factory with sanding marks left behind, Our inspection under multiple light sources helps find the maximum amount of defects.

A mass of RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) were found around the car, despite having few swirls.

Before correction

This was one of a few scuffs found on the driver side door.

Before correction.

The sanding marks were leveled, leaving a perfectly refined finish.

After correction, all RIDS and marring removed.

After correction.

As you can see from the photo set we absolutely do not compromise when performing services of this caliber. Even the smallest, most difficult to reach surfaces are cared for using specialty tools to assure the best results for every element of the vehicle. 

Even before the application of the final coating the paint surface was incredibly glossy, clear, and reflective.

Below you can see the curing process as each panel is meticulously heated to final temperature via IR lamps. 

Our lead detailer polishing the exhaust tips. 

It was such an amazing honor to care for such a unique vehicle. The Ferrari FF has such presence and raw power we won't ever forget. Coating application has truly brought out the gloss, shine, clarity, and beauty of this unique color.

We took this car across the Rochester area, with the help of Roc-Euro, to capture the next-level gloss and optical clarity provided by our work! Enjoy the dozens of finished shots below. We hope you enjoy this car as much as we did taking care of it!

Enjoy this gorgeous car at the multiple shoot locations. Browse through the huge gallery below!

Posted on October 26, 2014 .