F80 BMW M3 & CQuartz Finest

Here at Arete we appreciate a wide range of vehicles, but some really stand out. This 2015 BMW M3 was definitely one of those that will leave a lasting impression on us for some time. The car itself represents a major change in BMW's branding of its performance line. The BMW M3 since its inception has been a two door coupe with the occasional sedan option depending on the generation. The very first M3, the venerable E30, has left a legacy that is undeniable in both the public consciousness and on the track. The car is lusted after by car enthusiasts around the world and prime examples are now selling for well over $50,000. This particular M3 is very different from that first model that established the BMW M car as a household name. This M3 is a four door only model for the first time ever with the two door version being renamed an M4. While this represents a major departure from the heritage of the brand its just fine with us! The lines of this machine are aggressive, yet elegant and the vehicle itself is incredibly functional all while delivering amazing performance. The interior is made of gorgeous, high quality materials and there is really no doubt that it is truly a BMW M car. 

This BMW traveled over three hours to come see us and we were truly humbled by that fact. Arete has really begun to develop a reputation even outside of our hometown of Rochester, NY. We are so honored to care for these out of town vehicles and its such a treat when they're as special as this M3 is to its owner. This particular example came to us for a single step of paint correction followed by installation of Car Pro's CQuartz Finest paint coating. Below you'll see how it looked when it came to us. The car had very low milage and had been stored prior to the harsh winter we're just coming out of but it still had swirling and scratching from the dealership that we needed to take care of before we got it coated. 

After a thorough decontamination of all exterior surfaces this M3 was ready for our single step of paint correction to remove defects, scratching, and swirling from the lovely black paint surface. Paint correction is something we really take pride in and this car received intensive attention well into the evening.

You can see above that the results of this single step correction really helped to bring out the true color of this paint. The flake is popping and the gloss is nearly blinding! After correction was wrapped up we gave it a final wash to ensure all compound dust and any other particulate that may be hiding in crevices was totally removed. We do this in order to promote an ideal environment for the CQuartz Finest paint coating to bond to the surface. Here at Arete we take the extra steps other shops may not in order to provide the best possible service, every time. 

Raw paint! No wax, no polish, just a beautifully cared for paint surface.

After our final wash it was time to coat the car with CQuartz Finest. We can't say enough good things about this amazing product. It provides superior shine, protection, and gloss while also making maintenance so much easier. 

Our lead detailer coating the sideskirts. 

Even mid-coat and uncured the gloss on this car is astonishing. 

Prior to cure the body of the car was emitting a lovely glow!

This car was a real joy to work on and the results were fantastic. We come in everyday knowing that what we deliver to our customers when the work is complete is joy. The most rewarding event for us is seeing the look on our customers faces when we deliver their car after a service like this. It is such an honor to be able to work with world-class vehicles like this M3 and the great people that own them. We can't say enough about Car Pro and CQuartz Finest as well. The support they deliver to us and the support we are able to pass on to our customers post-sale is fantastic. Thanks for reading! If you're interesting in auto detailing, coatings, or anything car related don't hesitate to reach out to us! We love to talk about what we do. Enjoy the finished shots below. 

Posted on March 11, 2015 .