July Show Coverage: ZCCR Motorfest & JAA Memorial Show

July was an excellent month for car shows in the greater Rochester area. The local weather was merciful with nearly no rain on show days and plenty of sun. We were involved with two fantastic annual local Rochester shows; ZCCR's Motorfest and the Joel Ajavon Memorial Car Show. Proceeds from both went to charity and had amazing turnouts with a plethora of wonderful cars. We thank everyone who attended and helped to organize both of these events. It was a true privilege to be a sponsor and we met a lot of new friends along the way!

ZCCR's Motorfest 2015

The ZCCR really went the extra mile with the show awards.

First up we will share with you our extensive coverage of the ZCCR show, as always all images are HD and will expand to full screen when clicked! There were Z cars of just about every model and year imaginable, many from out of state or Canada so if you're a Fairlady Z fan, brace yourself. This show is thrown by the Z-Car Club of Rochester and hosted at the Damascus Shine on Bay Road in Webster, NY. Stay tuned for the announcement of next year's event; this is really one you don't want to miss and it's right in our backyard!

Nissan products from every era in a variety of styles! The 260Z with flares is quite a stunner.

The Z-Cars

The Others

There were plenty of non-Zs present at the event as well! It really was a great representation of all makes and models with some seriously special stuff on display. Once again, a huge thank you to all of our fellow vendors and attendees for making this event as enjoyable as it was. See you next year!

The Joel Ajavon Memorial Show 2015

This show is on its third year and the turnout was better than ever! We can't wait to see what next year looks like. We thank the organizers for bringing together so many different vendors and elements of the Rochester car community to raise money for Joel's scholarship fund. We hope that every year more and more people continue to come out and support this wonderful cause. Joel is sorely missed but we know he would appreciate the display every year! The gallery below is expandable as usual. So many excellent rides!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for August show coverage!

-The Team @ Arete

Posted on August 2, 2015 .