August Show Coverage: B&C Auto Restoration Open House

B&C Auto Restoration Open House

We had the opportunity to care for one of B&C Auto Restoration & Paint's personal vehicles in August; a beautifully crafted Nova II. Afterwards we were invited to booth at and attend their open house and hot rod show. It was such an honor to be able to attend and document this awesome event. It's definitely a must-attend next year for those who may have missed it!

First we have a gallery of the amazing B&C Nova II. There are more small details and intricacies on this vehicle than we could possibly capture with just a few images! All images expand to full size when clicked.

B&C doesn't just have one shop vehicle that boggles the mind with attention to detail, this Chevrolet C10 really sets the bar. The gorgeous cream leather interior along with every small addition make this truck truly something to behold! 

Onto the rest! The vehicles in the lot and the shop were all stunning pieces of Americana. Whether they were patina'd rat rods, works in progress or fully restored to survivor cars that have stood the test of time there was no shortage of amazing vehicles. All images expand to full size when clicked!

This next set really captures the enthusiasm B&C's customers have not only for their cars, but for the shop itself. As a lot of these monstrous builds left the show they laid down some rubber to show their appreciation!

We had such an amazing time spending the day with B&C and their clients and friends for the afternoon. This will be an event we won't soon forget! 

As always, thanks for looking!

The team @ Arete

Posted on September 11, 2015 .