Suzuki SV650 + CQuartz Coatings

We appreciate motorsports in all forms, and that definitely includes those on two wheels! We were thrilled when the owner of this Suzuki SV650 approached us about protecting it. We couldn't wait to dig it and coat it from head to toe in layers of CQuartz coatings.

For coating services on motorcycles, we take a highly individualized and bespoke approach. Always with a focus on detail, we disassemble as much of the bike as is practical during the service to not only for proper cleaning, but to assure each piece is properly polished. Dive into our process below!

Initial Condition

Marring apparent prior to wash.

Plenty of bugs and grime prior to our initial decontamination.


After initial wash and partial disassembly, we began to decontaminate our parts and paint surfaces with Iron-X. 

The remainder of the bike received Iron-X and a nano-clay treatment on the parts to be polished with plenty more attention to hard to reach areas.

Paint Correction

Tools of the trade! There was some serious refining to be done on this SV650. We selected our tools carefully and srategically in tackling this one.





We pay special attention to all areas of a vehicle, even the parts you may not notice or see. This is the tail piece of the bike that mostly sits under the seat; it deserved proper attention just like the rest of the painted surfaces!

We were able to reach an incredible level of clarity, depth, and shine for this very complicated paint surface.

Coating & Curing

After coating the body in two layers of CQuartz UK and the wheels in CQuartz Professional it was time to IR cure the surface.

Stunning reflections captured during our IR curing process.

Finishing Up

Every motorcycle we care for is truly a treat. This one will experience next-level ease of maintenance, gloss, protection, and much more for years to come! We were were fortunate enough to take this one off-site for some beautiful finishing shot after its first wash (which we provide as a complimentary part of each and every CQuartz coating package we perform). Enjoy and don't hesitate to come see us no matter if your passion sits on four wheels, or just two!

First Wash


Posted on August 29, 2017 .