CQuartz Professional + Corvette ZR1

Taking the Corvette namesake to even higher heights, the ZR1 model is truly an awesome machine. This example, adorned in a stunning Sebring Orange finish, wasted no time in seeking out industry-leading protection with SunTek paint protection film and CQuartz Professional ceramic coatings. With our tailored Paint Correction surface refinement and installation process, it is now prepared to be driven exactly how Chevrolet intended!

This owner opted for a Level 2 CQuartz Professional service with film coverage on high-risk impact areas such as the mirrors and the front bumper. Now for the service! 

Initial Condition + Decontamination

Paint Correction + Coatings


Chevrolet made a drop-dead gorgeous car when they penned the ZR1 and it was a true pleasure refining this example. Enjoy and thanks for looking!

Posted on September 7, 2018 and filed under write ups.