CQuartz Finest Reserve + Tesla Model 3


Here at Arete, we are great admirers of emerging technologies, whether they are detailing, automotive or otherwise! With the Tesla Model 3 the sheer power it delivers to the futuristic experience behind the wheel; there’s no shortage of excitement. These two cars both received our top-tier, industry leading ceramic protection system, CQuartz Finest Reserve. With protection measured in years, there is nothing better.

Preparation for Ceramic Coating

When any vehicle comes through our doors, we use our arsenal of detailing products to carefully and thoroughly care for it. Custom foam wash mixtures based on initial contamination, hybrid microfiber wash mitts, chemical decontamination products such as CarPro’s IronX and TarX; they all have a role to play in each detail. Our goal is to safely remove all contamination and any sealants or waxes that may have been applied before arriving at Arete, and prepare the vehicle for paint correction (i.e. wetsanding, “buffing” or polishing, removing scratches and swirls).

Paint Correction and CQuartz Finest Reserve Process

Before any CQuartz coating application, we always perform some level of paint correction. With CQuartz Finest Reserve we hold ourselves to nothing less than a world-class standard. This means that the vehicle should be in its best possible condition as the result of our service with no compromises in any stage of our service.

This may mean an intensive single step paint correction for vehicles in relatively good condition, or an intensive multi-step correction for those with heavier swirling and scratching, rotary trails, oxidation or water spots. Whichever is appropriate or necessary, our goal is to refine your car’s paint to the highest degree, the most efficiently. By measuring the thickness of your paint throughout the detail and utilizing special polishing machines to ensure defects are removed without overheating the surface, the result is nothing short of astounding!

Starting with its entirely unique structure, a hybrid blend of quartz-infused epoxy nanotech particles, CQuartz Finest Reserve is the pinnacle of ceramic coating performance. The densely packed molecules create a high-gloss, durable, and thick layer protection over the vehicle. With this coating you can rest assured knowing that your paint is protected from oxidation and contamination, beyond any other formula of CQuartz. With the ease of maintenance that comes with Finest Reserve, removing potentially damaging contaminants is no longer an arduous process.

A Higher Standard of Automotive Detailing with CQuartz Finest Reserve

As part of the network of CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve installers, we are honored to carry and apply these fantastic products. The support and knowledge-sharing creates a family of detailers that just won’t rest unless the highest quality detail has been provided. The CQuartz Finest service bridges the gap between responsibility, honesty, character, and good old-fashioned hard work and the most advanced hand-applied protection available today.

We hope you have enjoyed a look into two CQuartz Finest Reserve services, on two equally gorgeous Tesla Model 3’s! One of our favorite vehicles to be released in recent years, we sure won’t tire of seeing these!

Thank you!
-The Team @ Arete

Posted on January 6, 2019 and filed under articles.