Audi + CQuartz Professional + Films

This past year we've had a seemingly never-ending stream of vehicles through the shop for CQuartz Professional application packages and SunTek paint protection film installations! Professional is a truly incredible product that offerings insane durability, longevity, shine, and effortless ease of maintenance. We will take you through a visual journey on several of our favorites of the German variety we've done so far this fall.

Initial Condition

Something we don't talk about very much is the variability of detailing as a craft. We work with so many different starting points; from showroom fresh deliveries to 200,000+ mile daily drivers in need of serious love. These varied conditions dictate the rest of our process, adding or modifying steps as we move toward the ultimate goal: deep, radiant gloss and stunning protection. You'll See here plenty of that variability!

In Process

We take meticulous care of every vehicle at every step of our coating, correction and film services. Even when removing old film we work with the utmost care to ensure that the paint surface is decontaminated and refined. On a wheels-off service, very commonly selected in our CQuartz Professional services, we deliver dedicated attention to each wheel after removal; inside and out. 

Coating + Film Application

No matter the service level, no matter the car, our goal is to create breathtaking visuals. CQuartz Professional when coupled with our expertise SunTek PPF, and meticulously designed proprietary processes, accomplish that goal. For next-generation protection available to only the most talented detailing professionals on the planet, look no further than Arete.


Posted on October 29, 2017 and filed under articles.