BMW M3 + CQuartz Finest Reserve

We have had the privilege of working with many of the F80 generation of BMW's M3. As a platform, it excels not only as a performance car but also as a vehicle that can be enjoyed every day. This particular example is far from your ordinary F80 M3! The owner has put his touch on the car and it shows from all angles.

The natural choice to assure this vehicle looked its best for years to come was CQuartz Finest Reserve. Finest Reserve elevates the gloss and depth of any paint surface it is applied to while also delivering unmatchable chemical resistance and ease of maintenance. As a coating, its resilience is truly incredible and the rich shine it produces is just as breathtaking. Let's dig into the service.

Paint Correction & CQuartz Finest Reserve Application

After the vehicle was decontaminated we refined the paint to perfection. With each and every Finest Reserve service we hone the paint surface to as close to perfect as possible prior to coating application.

A swirl and scratch-free paint surface was achieved! Ready for coating application.

During the wheels-off service, no stone was left unturned when preparing these 3-piece wheels for coating.

M3's are notorious for producing brake dust, now that the complete wheel is covered in Finest Reserve, cleaing and maintaing the wheels will be a breeze.


We IR cure each of our Finest Reserve applications to ensure proper chemical resistance and hardness the moment your vehicle leaves the shop.


This was a very special project and we enjoyed perfecting this amazing machine! Enjoy the photo set captured by our talented in-house photographers. As always, each image can be viewed in HD! If CQuartz Finest Reserve or ceramic coatings as a whole interest you, learn more here.

Posted on July 21, 2017 and filed under articles.