McLaren 570GT + CQuartz Professional

Car & Driver said it best, "After producing the legendary McLaren F1, the company waited nearly two decades before the brand better known for racing in Formula 1 returned to peddling street machines. In that time, the posters that used to cover kids’ rooms have turned into phone wallpapers of ever-rotating images. Most people know the name McLaren, but they don’t necessarily know what one looks like. Staring at a printed image so long that the style lines are burnished into memory is a thing of the past, we suppose." Although the lines of the great F1 may not be as familiar with some today as they were, what McLaren is producing these days as road cars are truly incredible machines worthy of the badge.

We are unabashed enthusiasts for all types of vehicles but the 570GT is certainly something special in more ways that one. It offers practicality in the form of a huge amount of storage space given its size but still possesses the brutality and elegance you come to expect from a McLaren product.

The owner of this machine decided to protect it for the long haul with a combination of a near-complete vehicle paint protection film wrap followed by layers of CQuartz Professional! CQuartz Professional offers uncompromising performance and longevity while delivering incredible protection. The already stunning Ventura Orange was further enriched and enhanced by the deep shine the CQuartz offers.

We were too busy pampering this example to do our usually in-depth documentation, but we didn't think you'd mind seeing the finished result! Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Posted on February 17, 2018 and filed under articles.