Tesla Model S P85D & Correction/Coating

This P85D rolled off its delivery truck just days before we brought it into the shop to begin the process of installing a protective coating. As you can see below there was plenty of road grime, water spotting, iron contamination, leftover adhesive from delivery, and other contaminants on the paint after its journey from the factory to Rochester. We began our detail, as we do all coating services, with a 24 step hand wash and a chemical wheel decontamination. 

Road grime & debris.

Brake dust, road film and adhesive residue.

Iron remover working to remove brake dust & iron contamination during our initial wash.

Adhesive residue from shipping, prior to removal.

Iron remover at work during our initial wash.

More iron removal, these were heavily contaminated!

   After the wash there was plenty of heavier contamination that needed attention. We started with an iron removing chemical decontamination which works to dissolve iron particles allowing them to be washed away from the paint with water.

   Through various methods included various types of cleaners and a nano-clay treatment the paint was finally clean and decontaminated. Next up it was time to prep the vehicle for a full paint correction.

After decontamination the paint surface was clean but still full of defecting that needed to be addressed with intensive correction. 

Taping off sensitive areas in preparation for paint correction.

   After prep our lead detailer dove right into the multi-step correction to remove all defecting possible. We work with a preservation mind set which means that all of our methods are designed to extend the life of vehicles of any age. Even with a multi-step full correction we never remove excessive clear and we take special care in selecting product combinations to assure we meet that goal.

There were a variety of defects in the paint that were to be addressed during correction. One of note is the hard water spotting that was caused by tap water (mineral rich water) being left to dry on the paint. The hard water left behind mineral deposits and etching that were removed during our correction process. 



Our multi-step intensive correction revealed a beautiful finish. The paint surface was now deep, optically clear, and ready to be even further enhanced by a protective ceramic coating. Prior to coating the paint we turned our attention to the wheels and calipers which were also in need of some polishing prior to application of a protective coating.

Wheels during prep for coating.

During polish.

Adhesive residue being removed and scuffing prior to polishing.

Scratches removed.

After coating and curing the wheels for this P85D were glowing!

   Once our wheel detail and coating was finished it was finally time to coat the body of the vehicle. All images will expand with a click!

Coating application.

Coating inspection post-application.

IR curing the body and wheels.

   After the body was coated and fully cured it was time to do final details and inspect the vehicle outside prior to delivery. 

Final inspection prior to delivery.

   Sadly it was overcast and dreary on the day we delivered the car but not to worry! We scheduled a shoot with this car a week after our service to capture the depth and beauty of the finish we created for the owner. Enjoy all the 'after' shots of our pain-staking detail and coating installation on this lovely P85D. As a shop we constantly work to improve not only our process but our product offerings. We will never stop working to bring Rochester and the rest of western New York the absolute best in auto detailing products. Thanks for reading!

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Posted on May 24, 2015 .