Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 & CQuartz Finest


The latest (F80) BMW M3 is truly an impressive machine. From its aggressive styling to powerful, twin-turbo drive train we never get tired of working with them. This particular example came in Yas Marina Blue which is an absolutely spectacular color, featuring pearl and heavy flake over a cool pastel blue.

We were excited when the owner decided to bring it to Areté shortly after purchase for some serious protection in the form of our Level 2 CQuartz Finest service couple with an intensive single step of paint correction. Fortunately, the vehicle came from the dealership in above-average condition so we were able to dedicate the bulk of our correction service to jeweling the paint for a superior finish to build on with Finest.

On to the service! As usual, all photos can be expanded and viewed in HD with a click.

Initial Condition


For our Level 2 CQuartz Finest services and up we remove the wheels for total decontamination of not only the wheels, but the calipers as well. No corners are cut during our decontamination of these critical components in order to prepare them for coating.

CarPro's Iron-X at work.

Giving the wheels dedicated attention prior to coating in CQuartz DLUX.

Coating & Correction

CQuartz Finest application in progress! It's really beginning to show it's true finish.

The incredible depth an complexity of the paint surface is apparent even prior to the finished result.

Spotless, shining barrels thanks to CQuartz DLUX.

The results on this one were breathtaking! It really never gets old stepping away from the finished product and admiring the crisp lines of the F80 M3. Now this example will enjoy 2+ years of easy aesthetic maintenance, robust protection, with industry-leading gloss to boot! If Finest or the CQuartz line of coatings interests you, don't hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to talk shop with like-minded enthusiasts. Enjoy the finished results below! We won't soon forget this one.

As always, thanks for reading

The Team @ Areté

Posted on October 18, 2016 and filed under write ups.