CarPro's Tar-X


CarPro's Tar-X

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CarPro Tar X is an incredible super strength tar, adhesive, and bug remover as well as a degreaser that derives its strength from 100% of the solvents extracted from orange peels.  This makes it eco-friendly but don't let that fool you when it comes to the power of this incredible product.  Simply spray on the surface and allow it to easily melt tar away.  For stubborn adhesive residue spray a little Tar X on a microfiber and easily wipe the stubborn adhesive away! CarPro Tar X can be used as an all purpose degreaser, tar and asphalt removal, insect, tire mark, adhesive removal, traffic film and for many other tough cleaning jobs. Sprayer included! 



  • Quickly melts through heavy grease and tar

  • Heavy duty formula allows extended dwell times when needed

  • Ecofriendly - Formulated from renewable solvents and natural ingredients

  • Easy to Use

  • No chlorinated solvents

  • Non corrosive

  • Over 60% active ingredients

  • Can also be used as a heavy duty parts and equipment cleaner

  • Great Citrus Smell

  • Reduces the need for intensive clay bar when used in conjunction with Iron X

Tips and Method of Application:

  • Shake Bottle

  • Spray across affected surface

  • Let dwell, allowing it to melt the tar or contamination

  • Agitate the area with a damp wash mitt or sponge before rinsing it off

  • Clean area with CarPro Ech2o or CarPro Reset

  • Do not leave on the surface for more than 7 to 10 minutes or allow to dry.


Precautions and Warnings:

  • Do not allow to dry on surface

  • Do not use in direct sun or on hot surfaces

  • Avoid sensitive clear plastics like headlights and clear bras. Headlights can re lightly re-polished but clear bras should be avoided completely,

  • Do NOT let dry on plastic or other sensitive materials or possible damage may occur.

  • Avoid spraying on acrylic paint surfaces, or poor after market acrylic paint, it may affect that surface and cause a possible bleaching affect.

  • Work in a well ventilated area.

  • We strongly recommend the used of eye protection, safety gloves and a dedicated face-mask while working with any professional car care product.

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