$150 per application

AmeriCoat has been designed, formulated, and tested by an industry veteran and close friend of ours, Barry Theal.  AmeriCoat is over 100 times thicker than traditional wax, and while most waxes only last 1-2 months and most sealants 3-5 months AmeriCoat will provide 2 plus years of protection.  Not only does it provide a substantial amount of protection, but it does so at a very affordable price.  The deep gloss and rich reflections given by AmeriCoat are something that wax or sealants just cannot deliver. Americoat has strong hydrophobic properties, offers protection from UV rays, makes maintenance far easier, and more.

We currently carry AmeriCoat as a sealant upgrade in the following detail packages:

Insight into Our Process: AmeriCoat Installation

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