CQuartz UK

Cquartz UK is one of the most affordable, effective vehicle paint coatings in the marketplace today. Based on the original CQuartz technology, CQuartz UK was developed in the United Kingdom for use in cold, damp climates (much like Rochester, NY and the Great Lakes region as a whole) where most nanotechnology coatings typically struggle. CQUK delivers incredible value with its stunning gloss, amazing self-cleaning effect, and overall chemical resistance. 

Features & Benefits:

  • 18-24 month protection window
  • 70% Silica-Quartz With 99.99% Purity
  • Suitable For Cold Climates
  • Extremely deep, rich Gloss
  • Easy maintenance with "self cleaning" properties
  • Resistance to Wash Induced Marring
  • Average thickness of CQuartz UK layer is between 1 µm ~2 µm per layer
  • Repels water, oils, dirt, and contaminants
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Resists stains, bird droppings, water spots, and traffic film

CQuartz UK has superior hydrophobic properties to give you the "sheeting affect" to help self clean, keeping damaging surface contaminants to a minimum, and prolong the life of your paint. This coating will provide protection from UV rays as well as weather and nature related elements. With the self cleaning properties CQuartz UK provides, you will see an amazing reduction in washing time and far less micro marring due to dirt and contaminants not being able to adhere to the applied surface as was common in the past.

Application Packages

At minimum, in preparation for our CQuartz UK service, we require a light 1 step paint correction and often recommend further intensive paint correction depending on your desired result! We offer a shuttle service or full valet for all CQuartz UK services. CQUK packages are also available with the following detail packages:

Level 1

Price: $199 + Paint Enhancement

Our Level 1 UK package will provide excellent gloss as well as incredible ease of use for those with a budget in mind.

What's Included:

  • 1 layer of UK
  • Vac n' Wipe Interior Detail
  • Complimentary follow up wash.

Level 2

Price: $299 + Paint Enhancement

Our Level 2 UK package is for those seeking more complete vehicle protection. A wheel face coating will help keep wheels clean while Forte on the windshield makes for excellent visibility in inclement weather.

What's Included:

  • 1 layer of UK
  • Vac n' Wipe Interior Detail
  • Wheel faces are coated in CQuartz DLUX.
  • Fly by Forte glass coating on windshield of the vehicle.
  • Complimentary follow up wash.

Level 3

Contact for Pricing

Our Level 3 UK package is for those who seek the ultimate CQuartz UK experience. We provide total exterior protection with every surface of your vehicle receiving the legendary protection CQuartz products have to offer. Call us to learn more!

What's Included:

  • 1 layer of UK
  • Vac n' Wipe Interior Detail
  • Wheels are removed. Wheels and brake calipers are completely coated in CQuartz DLUX.
  • All plastic trim and metal work coated in CQuartz DLUX.
  • Fly by Forte glass coating on windshield,side mirrors, and rear glass of the vehicle.
  • Complimentary follow up wash.

Insight into Our Process: CQuartz UK Installation

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