Nogaro Blue Audi RS5: Cquartz Finest, PPF, & Performance

Sometimes a car can leave such a huge impact in your mind that you continue to revel in the beauty of that particular machine long past when it leaves your vision. I think we all have been there as children and into adulthood. I know as a child I had die cast models of all sizes and sorts depicting various super cars of all generations. There has been a truly daunting amount of unique and interesting automobiles through the doors of the shop in these past few months, but one stands out in my mind more than all the rest. The car I'm referring to is a lovely Nogaro blue Audi RS5 that Arete had the privilege to protect for it's owner directly after it was delivered. Now there are plenty of RS5s stateside but there are only 3 of these in this color which was originally available in the B5 generation of Audi's in the early 2000's. Since then the color has fallen out of Audi's line but can be special ordered. The owner of this particular car elected to do just that and I must say, it is absolutely stunning. The presence this car has visually is absolutely striking. The color adds an ethereal beauty to an otherwise aggressive beast of a machine. But, I digress. 

This car came to us with 76 miles on the odometer for a full frontal wrap with paint protection film, application of CQuartz Finest, and some performance treatment from RocEuro. Cquartz Finest is a top of the line ceramic nano-coating that creates absolutely out-of-this-world shine and offers an incredible amount of protection lasting 2+ years. Arete is the only installer of this fine product in the Rochester area and we are so happy that the owner elected to have this coating installed. The results are stunning but first we needed to bring it down to our friends at Hi-Line for the ppf installation.

The boys at Hi-Line applying the full hood portion of the ppf. 

After the the front clip was fully wrapped with paint protection film the car was ready to come back to the shop for correction and coating. We can't speak highly enough about the work these guys do. We are so happy to be partnered with such talented, honest people who provide our customers high quality ppf systems that last for years and look absolutely seamless. As you can see below the car still gives off a certain glow even before our correction and coating. It's truly a car that stands on its own in its beauty, but can still be improved greatly with the right touch that the paint correction and the CQuartz Finest system can provide. 

Sadly, even though the car had less than 100 miles on the clock upon delivery, traveling from Germany to Rochester and the dealer's brush wash took its toll on the paint. As you can see below there was micro swirling and other defects in the paint that needed to be removed before we locked in the finish with 2 layers of CQuartz Finest.  

After our correction the defects in the paint surface were completely removed and the car was ready for Cquartz Finest application. Correction itself is an absolutely key step in this process as it assures the coating bonds properly to the surface it's being applied to as well as assuring the best possible finish is preserved with the coating. Arete prides itself with our skill and dedication to continuously improving our paint correction prowess. The reason customers with cars like this RS5 trust us to perform these services is due to that level of professionalism only we can provide. Many people doubt new cars cannot come with paint defects but such a rare and unique gem like this shows that is simply untrue. 

The results after coating and correction are absolutely astounding. The car may have had a certain glow before application but it is an undeniable showstopper with an insane level of gloss, shine, and depth that only CQuartz Finest can provide. After the main body of the car was done we also applied Finest to the complete wheels and calipers to reject brake dust, protect the caliper finish and shine during intense heat cycles, and protect the matte finish on these lovely OEM wheels. As a result the matte finish on the wheels became even more pronounced and the brushed and cleared aluminum is incredibly prominent. 

This coating is truly among the best in the industry for caring for any automobile with a discerning owner. We are the only installers of this coating in western New York. But, it wasn't time to say goodbye quite yet. Our partners at RocEuro took the car and installed ISC Suspension coilovers along with a EuroCode Alu-Kreuz drivetrain stabilizer and a full AWE Track Extreme exhaust on this V8 powered monster.

The S5 in the foreground was also in for Cquartz Finest and wheel/caliper coating. This great shot shows off the true beauty of both of these cars. 

All in all, this was a fantastic collaboration between different Rochester local businesses and we are so happy to have done it. It's not everyday you see a car like this one and we are honored to have been able to assure that it will look its best for years to come. The CQuartz Finest system is truly on the the best nano coatings on the market. The photos below are after RocEuro performed their installs and the car looks and sounds as aggressive as it should have from factory. Thanks for reading!

Posted on June 18, 2014 .