Tesla Model S: Paint Correction & Coating Process

The Tesla Model S is truly a product of the modern era. It has proved that electric cars could be practical, beautiful, luxurious, and accessible. Tesla, as a firm, has placed itself in the hearts and minds of techies, car enthusiasts, and futurists alike. Being in one really imbues the sense that you're already in the not-so distant-future where logical infotainment interfaces meet equally elegant interior design. There is really nothing that's comparable in the automotive market today. That is why it was such an absolute pleasure to be able to care for one and start the car's life on the right foot directly off the truck. Our customer elected to have a durable ceramic coating installed directly after the delivery of this lovely white Model S as well as a little bit of new car prep for the interior. He trusted Arete to prepare this car for its life with him to beautify and protect his investment. Let's get into the details!

Though the car came in two days after it rolled off the truck there was some serious decontamination to take care of from transport. We used our Arete Iron Remover to take care of all the tough rail deposits on the paint surface as well as the wheels.

The lack of any protection was apparent during our extensive wash process.

Even though the car had just a handful of miles the wheels managed to pick up some tar and grime.

Who says new cars don't need detailing! These wheels had some seriously heavy contamination. Afterwards we followed up with a sealant to keep them looking their best and prevent heavy decontamination and damaging rail dust build up into the future. 

The wheel received a serious decontamination with Iron Remover prior to more intensive cleaning by hand.

We always pay attention to the littlest details including the cracks and crevasses of each and every wheel. Seen here is our head detailer working the Iron Remover to get the wheels spotless before a silica sealant is applied.

Perfectly clean and sealed! The wheels will now retain their luster longer as well as make cleaning of rail dust far easier!

After the decontamination and wheel cleaning it was time to get to the rest of the vehicle. We first clayed all painted surfaces in preparation for a one step paint correction. As you can see below the paint had light swirling and marring right off the truck. We were able to get fantastic results with a one step polish. 

As mentioned before we make sure all exterior surface are polished from headlight and taillight lenses to grilles. Below you see the front grille covered in light swirling. After correction the true shine of the paint has been brought out with defects removed! It's little details like these that set us apart from the rest. We don't ever stop at "good enough" we always push to go the extra mile for our clients.

Once correction was all wrapped up it was time for application of the ceramic coating to all exterior surfaces of the car; even the little details. Below you see the side markers being coated. After the coating had cured it really made the accent pieces shine. The Tesla Model S is truly more than the sum of its parts. 

It was such an honor to care for this Tesla. Nothing compares the sheer presence this vehicle has when you're standing in front of it. This car is a representative of the future of automobiles and has shown that the future is absolutely bright. So many car enthusiasts are afraid that electric cars won't have that same driving experience we are so accustomed to or that they won't be sporty. The Model S shows that all of that isn't true and we need not worry. We hope to care for many more of these wonderful automobiles in the future and we can say now that this Model S is looking its best! Ceramic coatings provide unparalleled protection along with serious ease of maintenance. Reach out to us if coatings interest you. Enjoy the finished shots below, this is a detail we won't soon forget. 

We had so many shots of this beast that we included even more for your viewing pleasure in the gallery below. 

Posted on September 30, 2014 .