C7 Corvette & CQuartz UK

We see a lot of exciting machines come through our doors. Some stand out more than others, and this C7 Corvette certainly was one of them! Not only is the current generation Corvette absolutely stunning, this color scheme stole our hearts. GM really has created a masterpiece with this vehicle from the deep, glossy white paint surface to the sparkling black trim accents we were ready to dig in.

This particular example came to us shortly after purchase in search of superior protection and shine. The owner opted for our Paint Enhancement detail coupled with a Level 2 CQuartz UK service to accomplish that goal. He also opted for a wheels-off service in order to protect the wheels and calipers in CQuartz DLUX for complete protection. CQuartz UK delivers excellent protection from the elements, marring resistance, incredible shine, ease of maintenance and more on a budget. No matter if it's a seasonal use vehicle or a daily driven workhorse, UK is a solid introduction to coatings that will go the distance. On to the service!

Intital Condition

The vehicle came to us on a rainy day and we must say, even when dirty she's a looker.

The big brakes on this 'Vette managed to kick out plenty of dust in the few short miles it had traveled.

The engine bay was in need of serious care as well!

Correction & Coating

During our Paint Enhancement detail we are sure to tape off sensitive trim areas to properly preserve their finish.

The calipers looked absolutely stunning after decontamination and coating in CQuartz DLUX. Now they'll be easy to clean and properly glossy for the long haul.

The wheels were removed for an inside out decontamination in preparation for coating in CQuartz DLUX. Now they will be a dream to clean and look even better to boot!

It was a pleasure to care for this C7. We treat each and every car that comes into our building as if it were our own and this was no exception! We were very pleased with the results and we hope you enjoy looking at the end result just as much as we did. If you are interested in CarPro protection systems, don't hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for reading,

The Team @ Arete

Posted on August 25, 2016 and filed under write ups.