Cayman GTS - CQuartz Finest & SunTek Films

We have a deep appreciation for automotive design, and any opportunity we can get to indulge we are happy to take! This 981 Cayman GTS was no exception. Porsche created a curvaceous masterpiece, with each panel possessing truly tantalizing lines that flow together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. At Arete we are unabashed Porsche fans but this is one of the more beautiful modern pieces by a brand that has historically made some incredibly striking machines. When the owner of this particular Guards Red example contacted us for a very extensive protection and preservation service we were thrilled to take on the challenge! Traveling several hours from central New York, it's always an honor when clients make the journey to us for our services.

We really pulled out the stops for this one as it not only received a tailored CQuartz Finest application, including a hand polish and coating of all jambs but also received a complete body wrap in SunTek paint protection film. Following the complete wrap we topped it all off with 3 layers of Finest on the paintwork. This comprehensive protection package will deliver the owner peace of mind as it is daily-driven, all-seasons vehicle! Now onto the service itself!


Initial Condition

The car came in showing the effects of winter, with salt and sand coating the exterior prior to our initial decontamination.

The sensitive Porsche paintwork was also showing some staining.

Despite being an MY15 with low mileage, this GTS had plenty of paint defects to address prior to correction and paint protection film application.

Prior to purchase, it was evident that paint protection film had previously been on the vehicle and was not totally removed.

Decontamination & Preparation for Paint Correction

This Cayman had plenty of rail dust/iron contamination, among other contaminants, that needed to be addressed prior to paint correction and application of paint protection film.

The car showed distinct areas where it had been covered with film following our decontamination.

After we finish our decontamination, it was time to get it prepped for film removal and paint correction.

Paint Correction

Prior to application of paint protection film it was time to address defects on this GTS through an intensive correction process. Paint correction is as much an art as it is a science and we cut no corners. Our surface preparation is unrivaled and we are dedicated to working to determine the best combination to generate the best possible results for our clients. We pride ourselves on our transparency and as a result we always go over a paint surface with our clients to establish realistic explanations. We also work with a preservation mindset and work to determine the safest correction methodology to preserve a paint surface well into the future.


After paint correction, pure gloss!

Paint Protection Film

This client elected for most comprehensive coverage package possible in order to protect against the elements year-round. With full vehicle coverage he can rest assured that his Porsche is protected from every angle.

Paint protection film is the best option to prevent rock chips and guard against road debris. SunTek films also possess self healing properties to help keep up appearances in the event of minor marring and scratching! Finest and paint protection film is truly an unbeatable combination to keep your vehicle looking its best for years. Our trusted installers took the utmost care to create superior results.

CQuartz Finest

CQuartz Finest creates striking results while delivering industry leading protection. Not only does it make washing and care a breeze while guarding against the elements but it carries a myriad of other benefits as well. For this vehicle we were sure to provide an IR cure prior to its departure back to CNY in the wintry weather. 


As always, it was an absolute pleasure to care for this amazing vehicle. We are fortunate to care for so many incredible cars and this past year saw even more come through our doors. We can't wait to see what the future holds! For now, enjoy the results on this GTS. It certainly left its impression on us. Even more to come from this one in the future and if long term protection interests you, don't hesistate to reach out. We are always happy to share our knowledge, answer questions, and just generally talk shop.

Thanks for reading,

The Team @ Arete

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Posted on January 5, 2017 and filed under write ups.