February Announcements & Specials

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Arete Performance & Styling

This month we will be releasing our full offerings for European performance options, as well as a variety of new styling options that can be packaged in with services! Stay tuned, our website will have all the details soon.

Guilded 2017

This year, our annual charity show will be hosted at our 160 South Union Street location on Saturday June, 24th! Save the date, we will have more details in the coming weeks.



Paint Enhancement Details - 25% Off

All Paint Enhancement Detail services are 25% this month! Renew your finish and show off your vehicle for the nice weather ahead!

For a Paint Enhancement detail the vehicle is prepared meticulously prior to our correction step. The vehicle is foam rinsed, treated to our 24 step hand wash, wheels and wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, the paint surface is chemically decontaminated using an iron removing product, and a nano-clay bar treatment is performed to remove bonded contamination. A 1-stage polish is then performed on the paint with a polish/sealant combo to remove swirling, light defects and to protect in one step. A second layer of sealant is then applied to the paintwork, headlights and taillights, to further boost the protection. The tires are dressed with a non-slinging, non-greasy dressing, and windows are hand polished streak free.

Elevate your vehicle!

Posted on February 2, 2017 and filed under specials.