Dodge Viper GTS + CQuartz Finest Reserve

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Next-Generation Ceramic Protection

In the midst of a golden age of excessive horsepower and an arms-race between American manufacturers to deliver ever-increasing levels of ridiculousness to consumers, the Dodge Viper is fading to black. Introduced in 1992 and carrying a storied reputation for its visceral driving experience, this year the sun will set on a legendary name. At Arete we are deeply passionate about the weird and wonderful corners of the automotive universe so naturally, we were excited to care for a last-year-of-production Viper GTS in Venom Black.

For this vehicle the owner chose to cut no corners and go straight for the top shelf; CQuartz Finest Reserve. In order to ensure top-to-bottom coverage, increased lifespan, and even more gloss he elected for a Level 2 Reserve package. Reserve represents the culmination of CarPro's many years of experience producing leading-edge ceramic protection technologies. We are incredibly impressed with its chemical resistance, jaw-dropping gloss, and astonishing ease of maintenance. As a totally new formula, it also carries a 3-year warranty. Finest Reserve is only available to the best detailing professionals on the planet and we are truly honored to serve greater Rochester as the region's exclusive installer.


Initial Condition & Decontamination

Thankfully, this Viper hadn’t picked up much contamination before arriving. Preparing for a closer look all around this vehicle meant removing any and all bonded material and waxes or sealants. Once the surface was bare, the potential for an outstanding finish was apparent. Although, with a growing reputation for a certain paint condition off the line, we were prepared to correct panel-by-panel and refine the paint to an exceptional degree. Throughout the paint correction and CQuartz Finest Reserve coating application process, this vehicle was truly the light of our eyes!

Paint Correction & CQuartz Finest Reserve Application

Current generation Viper paint is notoriously delicate to work with; we were up to the task. Our tailored 2-step paint correction finished the paint to achieve its best possible condition. 

Panel by panel, we meticulously applied 3 layers of Finest Reserve to every possible painted exterior surface. 

As we continued to stack layers on the paint, the gloss levels climbed to ridiculous heights!

As we continued to stack layers on the paint, the gloss levels climbed to ridiculous heights!

Coating complete: it gets even better from here!


As with all Finest Reserve services, we IR cure the entire vehicle to ensure the best possible results. With this particular vehicle, we delivered an incredible amount of coverage, from 3 layers of coating stacked on the paint surface to a complete wheels-off service, there was no shortage of work to be done.

Wrapping Up

With every inch of paint dripping with unprecedented gloss, this Viper had plenty to show off outside! Knowing that the protection offered by CQuartz Finest Reserve and the rest of the CarPro coatings on this vehicle humbles us to our roots. Enjoy all of the images we captured while working on and basking in the presence of this beast! If you're interested in protecting your vehicle, give us a call! Thanks for reading and as usual, click all images to expand them to full size.

-The Team @ Arete

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