S63 AMG & CQuartz Finest

Mercedes-Benz has always been a driver of innovation in the luxury segment and the current crop of S-class sedans certainly has not strayed from the marque's reputation. The S-class has long been a representation of the latest the technology the market has to offer, introducing features that eventually trickle down into every day vehicles as the pace of innovation brings them into wider adoption. On the other hand, AMG has been creating absolutely insane machines that push the limits of performance possibilites. The marriage of these two badges brings us the S63 AMG that is functionally, a technology-packed, luxurious cruise missile.

We were thrilled to take care of this example, and the owner pulled no punches in getting it setup for its life with him via a very extensive CQuartz Finest service. We decided on a Level 3 to not only deliver a superior finish for as long as possible, but also create widespread protection over a number of surfaces : multiple glass surfaces, trim and accents, full wheels-off coating, 4 layers of Finest, and more! Now let's get to it.

Initial Condition

Winter had left its mark prior to our service.

The vehicle was in need of dedicated attention to get it prepped for Finest!


During our chemical decontamination we use Iron-X to remove ferrous metals and environmental fallout.

More iron removal.

More iron removal.

The wheels were removed and given the same level of attention as the paint surface in prepartion for coating.

Even the center caps were given special attention.

Paint Correction

With every CQuartz Finest installation, our directive is to ensure that the coating is protecting the absolute best finish a vehicle is capable of achieving. With that goal in mind we carefully document and consider the age/history of the paint surface and utilize our deep knowledge of paint systems to refine it to the highest standard. We decided a 2-step paint correction would bring this one up to par. To appropriately remove swirling and scattered areas of deeper marring, while also delivering the utmost gloss, we chose a compounding step that was able cut through the noise- while also providing a near perfect finish. We followed this up with a polishing step that elevated the paint to breathtaking shine and clarity! With this flagship's class and factory-tuned insanity, we noticed an improvement to the already exemplary paint texture as well.

Wheels all wrapped up!

CQuartz Finest

CQuartz Finest is truly an incredible product. With this S63 receiving a Level 3 installation, we spent plenty of quality time protecting every exterior surface as it should be. After stacking 4 layers on the paint surface for even more insane gloss and depth than a standard application, we pulled it outside to check our work prior to final details. We wrapped it all up with an IR cure and it only gets better from here!


It's humbling to be able to watch automobiles such as this one evolve every day. We are fortunate enough to see the latest and greatest the automotive industry is producing. As the march of technological progress continues I know that we will are only going to grow a deeper appreciation for cars that push the boundaries of what is possible in comfort and performance. It's also safe to say CQuartz Finest will continue to be the coating system to prepare these vehicles for the elements. Enjoy our final shots of this beast, all photos expand when clicked as usual.

Posted on March 7, 2017 and filed under write ups.