CQuartz UK: A Service Snapshot

CQuartz UK itself is an incredibly capable ceramic coating that produces lasting protection, intense gloss, and much more. One of our favorite CarPro coatings, it adapts to a variety of environments and is a perfect fit for Rochester and WNY!  It has its roots in the original CQuartz formula but as a time-tested entry-level product, it creates gorgeous results and up to 2 years of protection. Each and every service includes an in-depth multi-step decontamination process followed by paint correction. Let's dive into some of our latest UK projects!

Initial Condition


Process & Progress

Once refined and absolutely free and clear of any contaminants, we started to lay down some of the sweet, sweet CQuartz on the S4! The Jeep had a few spots we wanted to knock out of the park; decontamination and as usual, paint correction.

Cloaked in CQuartz

The end results on each are breathtaking! UK creates rich, deep gloss that accentuates the natural lines of any vehicle. Thanks for looking!

-The Team at Areté

Posted on January 14, 2018 and filed under articles.