Why is Proper Auto Care so Important? Why Areté?

Here at Areté Auto Salon we strive to deliver the highest possible standard of auto detailing to Rochester, NY and the rest of western New York. In general detailing is defined as, "the thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail." While we agree with that definition we like to add that detailing also serves to extend the life of a vehicle. Auto detail to many people has become synonymous with road side tunnel car washes. At Areté we believe that auto detailing is in fact so much more. Detailing to us means painstakingly evaluating and caring for each area of your vehicle by hand. Detailing to us also means that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution and that each car deserves real human attention. It also goes so far beyond simple washing and waxing. We can do the basics (even our washes are meticulous, 24 step services) but what we do represents the full spectrum of auto care. From car washes to complete wheels off, every nook and cranny cared for service, we provide every tier of care with serious dedication to craftsmanship. 


The Importance of Auto Detail

We all know the harsh climate of Rochester and the rest of western New York can take a really on the interior and exterior of any vehicle that's used year round. Regular detail services can work to guard against these tough conditions that can ultimately cause rust, cracking of vinyl and leather surfaces, paint hazing, paint failure, discoloration of fabric, dry leaking seals, and more. Auto detailing should be part of a regular maintenance schedule and is really just as critical to oil changes for the longevity of your vehicle. We offer regular maintenance services but at minimum we recommend that one intensive service is performed each year to restore a vehicle to as close to factory condition as possible.  We focus heavily on preservation and protection because we understand that through proper technique detailing works to make the time you have with your car as enjoyable as possible while also retaining the maximum retail value.


Detailing as Preservation

Our primary focus when caring for any vehicle is absolute preservation. To that end we work to use the least aggressive methodologies possible to deliver the lasting results our clients have come to expect. That means working with the most mild, neutral chemicals and products first to ensure the maximum material is left on the vehicle. Our products are hand selected due to their ability to preserve finishes as well as for their neutral chemical properties. We will never use harmful products or silicone fillers just to achieve a temporary shine.  So whether a vehicle is brand new or 50 years old our products and process will ensure continuing longevity of every single surface while delivering a factory look. 

For example, when we work to correct paint surfaces and remove imperfections we do a test section on each vehicle. Performing a test section ensures that we choose the ideal compound for a given vehicles paint hardness and clear coat properties. Using ideal compounds also means that we take off the minimum amount of materials necessary during our correction process so if the need arises intensive services can occur again well into the future. On the interior this focus translates into products that never leave greasy, unnatural finishes. Rather our interior clean and protection methods leave fabric, leather, vinyl, and other surfaces nourished, wearing the finish they left the assembly line with. These products also provide superior UV protection. Through our dedication to preservation you can also count on intense scrutiny of each step of your detail to ensure the proper products are being matched to the condition of your vehicle with longevity in mind. You know that when you bring your vehicle to Areté we will work to deliver lasting, sustainable results that will guard against premature aging. 


Detailing as Protection

This Porsche is regularly used by it's owner at the track. Our services allow it to stay protected from harmful contaminants. 

Through our focus on preservation we have selected the best of what the auto detail industry has to offer to care for and protect your car. We also encourage the installation of paint coatings, paint protection film, and clear bra on vehicles to extend the life of all surfaces. Though for some cases installation of one of our 4 nano coating systems (AmeriCoat, CQuartz Finest, & Modesta) or clear bra may not be within budget or appropriate for a given car. Regardless of the service tier, you know with Areté we will deliver the best possible protection. 

All of our services use products hand selected for their protective qualities. Even our hand washes are topped with a spray wax to top up protection and add gloss. The interior is no exception and our products add UV protection and help to guard against color fade. We even carry fabric and leather protection (CQuartz) that will add a barrier against staining! Our dedication to preservation and protection means quality, cutting-edge products will always be used.


Detailing Tailored to You

Not only do we bring dedication to craftsmanship to our clients but we also work with every single person who comes through our doors to create a bespoke experience that is tailored to their individual vehicles. No other auto detailer in Rochester or WNY will work to ensure that every single element of your car is addressed in the way you desire, every time. Our detail packages and correction/coating services usually have certain things included by default but substitutions, additions, and specific care for special materials are always on the table! This means that whether you have delicate fabric on a vintage, one of a kind collectors vehicle, or modern matte paint surfaces, we will tailor our approach to deliver optimal results. There is no one way to do things when it comes to automobiles as they all age differently and material properties can vary; even within the same generation. You can count on Areté Auto Salon to never deliver a cookie cutter service!


Our Mission


We genuinely care about car care. This isn't just a job for us it's a lifelong passion that we love to share with others. When you come to us you can count on honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, and quality. We live our Areté name, defined as, "the aggregate of qualities such as valor and virtue, making up good character", every single day. That means honesty and transparency with not only our process but our products. We warranty several of our coatings and we will always work to assure you understand how to get the most out of your investment. We are truly dedicated to bringing the absolute best of what the detail industry has to offer. Every day we work to discover new, modern solutions to the old problems auto detailers and their clients have been faced with since the dawn of the automobile. We never stop learning and progressing and it's all to deliver our valued clients with second-to-none service and quality. Count on Areté for your vehicle. Never settle.

Posted on February 7, 2015 .